Behold your God!


Behold your God!

But look not for him in great and mighty things:

The mountains grand and galaxies afar;

Look not in thunderous storms and raging seas,

But here, look here beneath this single, silent star


Which points not up to immanence and worldly fame

But down to poverty and human shame

Down to insult, down to human stress

Under the scorn of human wickedness


Look here among our weakness and our fears

Look here among our suffering, pain and tears

Wrapped here in this frail human life

Trapped here to feel for us all human strife


Look here, for here the One the seers foretold

Has come to lead us back into His fold …

As one of us, he lives, he speaks, he dies,

And reveals the one true God before our eyes.


Behold your God … he came with human hands

He left his footprints on our common sands

He lived our life, he took our place …

Incarnate God, amazing grace.


Copyright Rosemary Bardsley 2009