REVELATION 21:1-8 – The new heaven and the new earth

1.    On the basis of previous chapters, make a list of all the things that have been removed from the heaven and the earth by the out-pouring of the wrath of God and the final judgment.


2.    From 21:1 and 4 list additional things that do not exist in the new heaven and new earth. Try to explain what life would be like without the things listed in verse 4.


3.    Suggest what is meant by the symbolic removal of the ‘sea’.


4.    From verses 2 and 3 explain what is now permanently on earth.


5. How does this contrast with the situation in the old heaven and earth?


6. Why was this not possible before?

7. Who ‘made everything new’?

8.    In the vision, how do you know that this is done instantly and completely? [Read verse 6a.]

9.    How is God referred to in verses 5 and 6, and what do these descriptions mean?


10.    How do these titles relate to God’s work of renewal of the heaven and earth?


11.    What words encourage us to believe what we read in this chapter?

12.    Compare verse 6b with Isaiah 55:1 and John 4:10,14; 6:35; 7:38.


13.    Compare verse 7 with Matthew 5:3,5,10; John 1:12 and 1John 3:1.


14.    Suggest why this list of those excluded is included in this vision of the perfect eternal state.