REVELATION 6 – Six seals are opened

1.    Who is described as ‘a conqueror’ in the first seal? [read 19:11ff before you answer].

2.    What calamities are revealed by the second, third and fourth seals?



3.    From verses 4, 6 and 8, explain how we know that God is both permitting and limiting the actions of these three riders.


4.    Who are in focus in the fifth seal?

5.    Suggest what being slain ‘for the word of God and the testimony of Jesus’ means.


6.    Suggest what ‘they had maintained’ means. [Note that the Greek text simply has ‘that they had’.]


7.    How do they describe God?

8.    What do they expect will happen when God comes as judge?


9.    How do you feel about this?


10.    Upon whom will this judgment fall?

11.    What is the significance of the ‘white robe’ given to each?


12.    How long does God perceive the length of time prior to Christ’s return?

13.    Describe what happens when the sixth seal is opened.



14.    How does verse 17 refer to what happens with the sixth seal?