How To Deal With False Teaching

My studies on what the Bible says about false teaching and false teachers are now available as a paperback here. 

The purpose of these nine studies is to alert Christians to the serious dangers of false teaching, to the nature of false teaching, to the horrific impacts of false teaching that are described in the Bible, and to the many warnings against false teaching given in the Bible.

It also identifies the kinds of false teaching that can be observed in contemporary Christianity.




Encounters With Jesus

I have also published the 'Encounters with Jesus' meditations that appeared as Thoughts for the Week some years ago.

This collection of meditations looks briefly at forty encounters between Jesus and various people from Luke's Gospel. Here you will catch a glimpse of both the sheer authority and the intimate compassion of Jesus Christ. Here you will be encouraged to both trust and love him as you put yourself in these encounters.                                                     

It is available as a paperback here.