© Rosemary Bardsley 2014

Read Colossians 2:6 - 15. Answer these questions:

1.    What was the Colossians’ original response to Jesus Christ?

2.    How does Paul describe the on-going dependence on Christ that should characterize believers? [There are five aspects to this dependence in 2:6-7.]





3.    In verse 8, how does Paul describe the false teaching?


4.    In verse 9, what truth does Paul state as a reason for rejecting the false teaching?

5.    In verse 10, what additional reason does Paul give for rejecting the false teaching?

6.    In verse 10, what additional description of Jesus Christ is given?

7.    What truth about this complete salvation is mentioned in verse 11? What does Paul mean by this?


8.    What two truths about this complete salvation are mentioned in verse 12?


9.    Describe the two salvation truths taught in verse 13.


10.    Explain the three salvation truths taught in verse 14.



11. Explain the two truths about Christ’s victory over Satan in verse 15.