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The Holy Spirit
These studies on the Holy Spirit seek to give a comprehensive understanding of the Holy Spirit. They look into the Scripture and dig out what it teaches about the deity of the Spirit, who, along with the Father and the Son, is involved in creation, in revelation, in the incarnation, in judgment and in salvation. Further they look into the significance of the events that occurred on the Day of Pentecost, and the significance of the Holy Spirit for the Christian. The last two studies focus on spiritual gifts. There are some aspects of these studies on the Holy Spirit which will be controversial, because of already existing divided opinions. On the other hand, other aspects of these studies will be acceptable and welcome to all, filling out our understanding of the Holy Spirit, without whose definitive work upon us we would not know God and we would not be saved.
Article Title
1 The Holy Spirit is God
2 The Holy Spirit before Pentecost
3 The Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ
4 The Holy Spirit and Salvation
5 The Out-Pouring of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost
6 The Holy Spirit and the Believer
7 Filled with the Spirit
8 The Gifts of the Spirit
9 Notes on Individual Gifts

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