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The Letter to the Hebrews was written to snatch people back from the brink of giving up on Jesus. This study series challenges us to embrace such a high view of Jesus Christ, such a high view of his mediation between themselves and God, and such a high view of the complete, final, once-for-all manner in which his death deals with our sin and guilt that we will never again be tempted to doubt, and never again be tempted to fall into the ultimate sin - that sin of unbelief in which we turn our backs on Jesus Christ, despising both him and his cross.

Article Title
1 Hebrews - Introduction
2 Hebrews 1 - God's Son
3 Hebrews 1 - Jesus greater than angels
4 Hebrews 2:1-4
5 Human Nature of Jesus
6 Hebrews 3 and 4 - Sabbath rest
7 Jesus, our great high priest
8 Sacrifice of Christ once for all
9 Warnings against unbelief
10 Faith
11 Temptation
12 Hebrews 12
13 The author and perfecter of faith
14 The cost of discipleship
15 Christian perseverance
16 Living faith

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