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Bible Studies
This section of God's Word for You provides extended Bible Studies that are suitable for personal Bible study or for use in a home group or study class over a number of weeks or months. They can also be used for serious research of selected biblical books and topics.
  • Assurance of Salvation

    Can a person be assured of salvation? Can genuine believers be lost? Is our salvation totally in the hands of Christ, and therefore secure? Or is it partly in our own hands, and therefore fragile and uncertain? If our salvation is secure, what is the significance of the New Testament warnings against falling away? This extensive study is in a table format, presenting New Testament passages relative to assurance along with comments on their meaning and significance. Technically this is not a series of studies, but one long and comprehensive study.

  • Biblical Foundations of Marriage

    This powerful study series presents a comprehensive biblical perspective on marriage. Biblical teaching on marriage is presented from the perspective of creation, from the perspective of the fall, from the perspective of the incarnation, from the perspective of redemption, regeneration and reconciliation, from the perspective of the imperfect, interim age in which we live as Christians, and from the perspective of celebration. Even if you have a good marriage these studies will provide a new dimension to your understanding of marriage and your commitment to glorify God in your marriage.

  • Church
    A brief analysis on the biblical data and teaching on the church, with a particular focus on the meaning of the word 'missional' in referrence to the church.
  • Colossians

    This brief series of studies on Paul's Letter to the Colossian Christians focuses on the key teachings that Paul gave them to counteract the destructive false teaching that was taking hold in the church. Because many churches today have been penetrated by similar false and destructive doctrines, this brief but powerful letter is acutely relevant to contemporary Christianity. These studies attempt to reaffirm those same foundational perspectives that Paul identified as he attacked the false teaching head-on.

  • Colossians Verse by Verse

    These expanded studies on Colossians take you through this amazing and impactive letter verse by verse. They unpack the highly relevant truths and exhortations that Paul wrote to rescue the Christians at Colosse from the terrible reductions of Jesus Christ and salvation that were infiltrating the church.

    The church today urgently needs to take the letter to the Colossians to heart. It sounds a strong warning to us all to make sure we are holding on to the real Jesus, not a Jesus watered down by false or careless teaching, and that we are resting in the real salvation obtained by the death of Jesus, not wallowing in a guilt-ridden weak salvation peddled by people who have not understood the completeness of what God achieved by the cross.

    These studies include separate Worksheets to go with each study. The study content can be used for personal study, or by study group members, or just as a leader's guide to accompany the Worksheets.

  • Developing Christian Community
    Developing Christian Community brings together a series of Bible Studies applying biblical perspectives on the way we as Christians are to live with each other, both individually in our interpersonal relationships and also in the context of the body of Christ meeting together as the Church.
  • Ephesians

    This series on Ephesians contains nine studies which take you progressively through Paul's impactive letter to the church at Ephesus. Here you will learn about the sheer greatness and wonder of your salvation, of God's immeasurable grace, of Christian unity in Christ, of the lifestyle appropriate for those who are God's well-loved children, and of the total adequacy of Christ to protect believers from the accusations and deceptions of the evil one.

  • Genesis

    Genesis is a book of beginnings and foundations - a book into which one can continue to dig and continue to find unexpected treasures of truth. It seems impossible to exhaust the layers of truth in this book. In Genesis, if we persevere with seeking and believing hearts, we find the bottom-line answers to many of our puzzled human questions.

    But, it is also a controversial book, with Christians divided on the nature and integrity of the first eleven chapters.

    Because these eleven chapters lay the foundations both of human history and of several highly significant biblical doctrines these studies focus on these chapters. Indeed, about half of the studies are set in Genesis 1 to 3. Only five studies focus on Abraham and his descendants. Also included are three appendicies about the theory of evolution.

    The studies are of varying lengths. If you are using them in a group study setting it is suggested that some studies be spread over more than one session.

    Note that it is hoped, when time permits, to upload a series of shorter, simpler studies.

  • Gospel of Mark

    These studies in the Gospel of Mark are being developed over a period of time. Each new study will be added as it is completed.

  • Hebrews

    The Letter to the Hebrews was written to snatch people back from the brink of giving up on Jesus. This study series challenges us to embrace such a high view of Jesus Christ, such a high view of his mediation between themselves and God, and such a high view of the complete, final, once-for-all manner in which his death deals with our sin and guilt that we will never again be tempted to doubt, and never again be tempted to fall into the ultimate sin - that sin of unbelief in which we turn our backs on Jesus Christ, despising both him and his cross.

  • John's Gospel

    This series of studies on the Gospel of John will challenge you with John's high view of Christ and confront you, possibly even offend you, with John's presentation of the exclusive and absolute claims made by Jesus Christ about his real identity and about his essential and indispensible role in spiritual life and salvation. As far as John is concerned, as far as Jesus Christ is concerned, not only is there no other way to God but Jesus Christ, but also there is no other true truth about God but that knowledge of God that stands before us here in his Son, Jesus Christ. He, Jesus Christ, is 'the Light'; everything else is 'the darkness'.

    John's Gospel puts before us the ultimate spiritual challenge, the ultimate spiritual choice: if we do not see God here, in Jesus Christ, we will not find the real God anywhere. If we reject Jesus Christ we are rejecting God. If we receive Jesus Christ we are receiving God.

    John presents Jesus Christ as God's final self-revelation, God's final word. Here God says to us: this is who I am; look at me; believe in me, here in human flesh, here in this man, my eternal Son, Jesus Christ.

    There is no other way. There is no other God. 

  • Knowing Christ - Knowing God

    This study series focuses on the perfect and final revelation of God in his Son, Jesus Christ. As you work through these nine studies and the associated worksheets you will be impacted by the sheer power of the claims Jesus made about himself. In seeing him you will see God. In knowing him, you will know God. You will realise that the age-long question 'What is God like?' is answered when we look at Jesus.

  • Lord's Prayer - Short Studies
    The Lord's Prayer Short Studies condenses the material from the extensive studies on the Lord's Prayer into thirteen short studies.
  • Matthew

    These Studies in Matthew progress more or less chapter by chapter through the Gospel of Matthew, but with some interruption to that natural progression from time to time. For example, parables with similar messages are grouped together.

    The studies are enhanced by reference to other Scripture passages or verses that provide the background for Matthew's content or deal affirm similar truths to those presented by Matthew.

    There are two dominant elements in these studies: the focus on Jesus Christ as the King of the Kingdom of God, and the focus on the radical discipleship commanded of those who by God's grace are members of his Kingdom.

    If you are using these studies in a group context you will find that some individual studies will take longer than others, and may need to be spread over two or more study sessions. Note that studies 1, 2, 3, 4, 14, 19, 21, 23 and 28 are very short studies.

    It is possible to break these studies up into distinct groupings: For example Studies 5 to 10 could be extracted as Studies on the Sermon on the Mount; and Studies 14-16,18,20 & 25 as Studies on the Parables.


  • Romans

    These extensive studies on Romans take you right into the heart of St Paul as he struggles to unite the Jewish and Gentile believers in Rome. As they progress through this letter they expose the gross sinfulness of man that necessitated a salvation that is totally disconnected from law-based, performance-based merit. They take you deep into the amazing meaning of justification by faith alone, into the sheer perfection of the salvation we have in Christ Jesus. They liberate you from guilt and condemnation, explaining the extreme siginficance of the believer's identification with Christ in his death. They lift you up to serve the Lord with freedom, peace and joy.

  • Salvation

    Have you ever wondered what words like incarnation, justification, redemption, and substitutionary atonement mean? This series on Salvation contains brief studies explaining the meaning and significance of these and other concepts used in the Bible in relation to salvation. In understanding these concepts your appreciation of Christ and your confidence in what he did for you will be enhanced.

  • Salvation and the Work of Christ

    This study series is an expansion of the simpler 'Salvation' studies on this website. It is not for the faint hearted! It takes you deep into the biblical concepts of salvation in both the Old and New Testaments. It meets historic debates about the nature of salvation head on. It is very much aware that far too many Christians have such a weak, watery understanding of salvation that they live their Christian lives with a heavy burden of guilt and a fear of God's judgement - as if Jesus Christ had not carried all the guilt and taken all the judgement, as if 'grace' did not exist.

    These studies are constantly aware that the angel's message to the shepherds in Luke 2 was one of grand assurance: fear not ... good news ... great joy ... glory to God ... peace to men. This is what Jesus Christ came for. This is what Jesus Christ died for. It is towards this peace and joy, it is towards this absence of fear of judgement, that these studies seek to take you. And it is when we live each moment with this peace, this joy in God, this trust and confidence in the finished work of Jesus Christ, that God is glorified.


  • Satan and Demons
    This series of studies looks at what the Bible teaches about Satan and Demons. It studies relevant scriptures from several perspectives: the perspective of creation, the perspective of the fall, the perspective of the incarnation, the perspective of salvation, the perspective of the present age, the perspective of God's judgment, and the perspective of God's character. It then briefly compares modern methods of dealing with demons with biblical methods of dealing with demons. Included are brief list of the names and descriptions of Satan in the scriptures, names and descriptions of demons in the scriptures, and other uses of the word 'spirit' in the scriptures.
  • Studies in Galatians

    This series of seven studies on Paul's letter to the Galatians takes a deep look at the issue of legalism in the church which was current then and which still troubles and enslaves many contemporary Christians. These studies, like the letter they are focused on, challenge you to trust solely in the salvation provided by Christ, and live before God free from guilt and condemnation.

  • Studies in Prayer

    These additional studies on prayer are designed to cover biblical aspects of prayer not contained in the studies on the Lord's Prayer. They include a section on biblical boundaries in prayer, and a section dealing with difficult questions about prayer.

  • Suffering

    How many people have asked you questions about suffering? Or, how many questions have you yourself asked as you wonder how a God who is  loving and good and powerful can allow the suffering that surrounds us here on earth? Or, how often have you been tempted to succomb to the unbelieving mindset that makes a direct connection between personal sin and suffering? This study series presents a view of suffering that upholds both the goodness and the sovereignty of God and traces the reason for suffering back to Genesis 3. Having established this biblical perspective the studies then take a look at how a man of faith, Job, endured extreme suffering, not because of any sin or lack of faith, but precisely because he was a man of faith.

  • The Holy Spirit
    These studies on the Holy Spirit seek to give a comprehensive understanding of the Holy Spirit. They look into the Scripture and dig out what it teaches about the deity of the Spirit, who, along with the Father and the Son, is involved in creation, in revelation, in the incarnation, in judgment and in salvation. Further they look into the significance of the events that occurred on the Day of Pentecost, and the significance of the Holy Spirit for the Christian. The last two studies focus on spiritual gifts. There are some aspects of these studies on the Holy Spirit which will be controversial, because of already existing divided opinions. On the other hand, other aspects of these studies will be acceptable and welcome to all, filling out our understanding of the Holy Spirit, without whose definitive work upon us we would not know God and we would not be saved.
  • The Lords Prayer

    This is an extensive series of studies on the Lords Prayer. Each part of the prayer is studied in depth and filled with powerful significance by the study of related Old and New Testament texts.

  • The Miraculous

    This study series is the result of a detailed analysis of the occurrence of the miraculous in the ministry of Jesus and the New Testament apostles, and in the life of the New Testament church. 

    These studies were written, and posted on this site, to identify the role of the miraculous in the New Testament era, and to determine on the basis of New Testament teaching what role can be validly given to the miraculous today, and what biblical boundaries are in place to define what our expectations and understanding of the miraculous ought to be.

  • Who is Jesus

    This is a series of studies on the person of Christ as he is presented by the various New Testament writers. To those writers the critical question which determined a person's eternal destiny was the question Jesus asked his disciples: Who do you say that I am? This same questions challenges us from the pages of these studies, which can be used for personal or study group use over a period of weeks or months.

  • Worship

    The apostle Paul said: ‘ … whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God’ [1 Corinthians 10:31]

    Jesus Christ taught that it is the Father’s will ‘ … that all should honour the Son just as they honour the Father. He who does not honour the Son does not honour the Father who sent him’ [John 5:23]

    God defined his purpose for us: 'I created you for my glory' [Isaiah 43:7].

    At the very beginning God said 'Let us make man in our own image' [Genesis 1:26].

    To live for the glory of God, to image him by our thoughts, our words, our actions: this is what it means to worship God. It is when we are doing this that we are most truly human.

    May this life attitude and action of worship be true of each one of us!

    These studies seek to bring together the Biblical foundations of worship.

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